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Does your past criminal record restrict you from traveling abroad? Do you get frustrated because of the hindrance in your career due to a criminal record? No need to worry any longer as there are several options available in the current market. We are here to provide you top Record Suspension Services of Canada. Now sit back and relax. Improve your future by removing your past criminal record with us.

Our company, Legal Ease document Services ensures that the work of Suspension is handled with efficiency and professionalism. We understand the sensitivity of these issues and protect your privacy while working on your assignment. Therefore, our Criminal Record Suspension at Legal Ease document Services would be a perfect choice for you.


What is a Record Suspension?

A Record suspension (pardon) allows a convicted criminal who has completed his/her punishment and is recognized as a law-abiding citizen to have his/her criminal record set aside Canadian Record to access people employment and other opportunities.

Well, this record suspension does not erase a criminal record. Instead, the record is kept separate from other criminal records.


Why should you get your record suspended?

Because of changes in criteria, you will now need a pardon to set aside your criminal record. Therefore, there is no option left than to contact our Criminal Record Suspension if you want:

  • To get a permanent job
  • To get Visa clearance
  • To adopt a child
  • To get permanent residence
  • To volunteer/work on temporary basis


What is the eligibility for pardon in Canada?

  • You must have completed the term of punishment
  • You must have paid all other fine, compensation, etc.
  • You must have been declared a law-abiding citizen
  • You are not eligible for Canadian pardon if you have indulged in sexual violence that included a child or If you have more than three offenses prosecuted


Why should you use our services?

  • We provide most reliable Criminal Record Suspension services
  • We use the latest technology to process error-free application
  • Our services are efficient and affordable
  • Our experts are knowledgeable and patiently handles the customers
  • We are a trustworthy organization and we have processed thousands of fingerprints.

The process might be a little longer but it would be worth if you avail our services. We have a team of highly qualified and trained expertise that would not only help you obtain record suspension but they would also advise you on your situation by keeping it super confidential, respecting your dignity. We provide one of the best Record Suspension Services of Canada. If you are eligible for record suspension and dream of living a better life then come to us. We will surely help you forget your past by gifting a better tomorrow.

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