Fingerprint Services

Fulfill Your Fingerprint Service Needs

Contact us to set up an appointment today! Our company provides a certified criminal record check from the RCMP with no difficulty; so that you can work, volunteer, change your name or obtain a Record Suspension or a Waiver of Inadmissibility to USA in no time. We offer one of the fastest, most affordable, and reliable RCMP direct-connected fingerprinting agencies in Calgary.

What Services Do We Offer?

 Our company provides various RCMP fingerprinting Calgary including:

  • Record suspension (pardon)
  • RCMP authorized digital or manual fingerprints
  • Civil fingerprinting services
  • Criminal record check
  • Immigration services

There are many other services we provide apart from our service menu.

Who needs our services? You may need.

  • To get your Permanent Residency/Canadian citizenship
  • To get your study and work permits
  • To get permanently employed
  • To legally adopt a child
  • To obtain record suspension

According to the RCMP website, Calgary Police service no longer provides non-criminal fingerprinting Calgary services for all civil matters, with effect from 1st may, 2010. Therefore, if you want an individual’s criminal record checked, then you must seek another source.

Our company, Legal-EASE Document Service, satisfies all your needs and provides digital and manual fingerprinting. Don’t put it off any further…make an appointment today!

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We specialize in manual and electronic fingerprinting in Calgary
  • Our server allows us to directly connect to the RCMP database
  • We use the latest digital technology
  • We provide quickest results to our customers
  • We provide top services at the most reasonable rates

Check us out at the BBB Southern Alberta at and you will see that you can count on our company’s services as we strive to provide our customers with the best possible and hassle-free experience.

How Will Our Services Benefit You?

 Help you get Permanent employment

Agencies now demand both employee and volunteers to get fingerprinted for various security purposes. You may need to have pre-employment screening, so that your background is verified.

Help you get permanent residency and Canadian Citizenship

If you are new to Canada and you are looking for help with your immigration needs, we can provide you with certified and accredited consulting services.  Eventually you may be required to provide a police clearance with fingerprints.

Help you get Record Suspension

If you need to clear your past from criminal records it all begins with an RCMP Criminal Record check by submitting your fingerprints.

Help you get Foreign travel permits

If you wish to visit another country, you may require police clearance for Visa purposes. This police clearance process requires fingerprinting.

You receive certified service with our accredited and experienced technicians. Contact us today and let us help you today!