Record Suspension

In 2011 the record suspesion application process began to change. It has become much more complex and although you do not need a lawyer it is a good idea to have someone with experience represent your best interest.

The team at Legal-EASE Document Service is experienced and offers a free consultation for you to make an informed decision which will lead to committed and simplified service. We will complete the application process for you. We offer flexible hours and helpful consultations for your convenience.

Once we have the enrolment basics, we can Estimate what sort of Costs are likely for you in creating and implementing a Record Suspension (Pardon) application package to present to the Parole Board of Canada.  We will need as much information as we can get from you regarding your convictions—things like when, where, and of what you were convicted and when your last conviction was—this is the information we get from your Information/Interview sheet which you completed during your enrolment process.

 When we have completed the Estimate of Costs, we ask you to make payment for your program.  This consists of our fees for the Document Analyst to complete all documents needed in preparation to retrieve your completed Court Information documents.  Once we receive the Court Information our next job is to analyze the Court response to ensure they have confirmed your eligibility.

 The second part of the program involves the Local Police Departments in the city, town, or district where you have lived in the past five years. The purpose for requesting a Local Police Record Check from the police is to ensure there are no convictions in place that never made it to Ottawa and thus not included in your RCMP report.  Again, we will analyze the police response—to continue your eligibility.

 The next part of the program includes two parts and greater involvement from the client.  We contact the client to complete the next part, this is referred to as the Measurable Benefits and Sustained Rehabilitation form.  This form is your chance to explain–in your own words—your side of the story!  What they ask for is simple, “…tell us the who, what, where, when and why”, about the situations that surround your conviction(s).  Also, they want you to discuss the benefits you expect if they grant your Record Suspension.  Another question they explore is asking what has happened in your life since your last conviction—things that show and support your rehabilitation back into society as a law-abiding citizen.

 Finally, we complete the actual Record Suspension application form.  Along with this straightforward form, you will be asked how you want to pay the federal User Fee.  There are a couple of options:  The Parole Board of Canada, has a form (Record Suspension Application User Fee – Credit Card Payment form); you may also submit a Postal Money Order or a bank draft or certified cheque (payable to the Receiver General for Canada).  Either way, the payment form must accompany your application when sent to Ottawa.

 Once the Parole Board receives your application, they will assign your file a reference number.  They request this number when we (or you) inquire into status updates.  Once they begin with their examination and investigation into your application, they send out a Confirmation letter explaining what happens next and how long it will be before an answer is returned to you in the form of Granted or Denied.  If denied, you have an opportunity to submit an Appeal for a Final Ruling.  If the appeal is unsuccessful, the Board will allow you to re-apply after one year.